Style Mafia Maeve Yellow Top | Collective Request

Style Mafia Maeve Yellow Top

Style Mafia

BRAND: Style Mafia 

Ships in 24hrs

STYLE #: SM004

FABRIC: 65% Cotton 35% Polyester 

COLOR: Yellow 


Manufacture Style No. TP-8602-YLW


Style Mafia is a contemporary clothing brand targeted towards innovative fashion connoisseurs. The brand was conceptualized and formulated by originator Simonett Pereira and has its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Pereira utilized her fashion industry savvy built as a blogger and tastemaker to develop the statistic attitude of Style Mafia. Founded in 2013 and rapidly gaining success, Pereira's vision for the brand was to provide and outlet for consumers to access affordable luxury merged with high-quality design.

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