La Gotta Vitalie in Multi Brown Top & Bottom

La Gotta

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BRAND: La Gotta Swimwear


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STYLE #: LG003

FABRIC: 85% Polyamide, 15% Lycra spandex

COLOR: Multi 



Environmental Performance: We treat 100% of the water used and recycle 60% internally. We've decreased water consumption by 8 liters per bikini and 4 liters per one-piece. We use recycled threads and dye our fabrics with nontoxic ingredients. We are working hard everyday to eliminate unnecessary waste and decrease our environmental impact. 



La Gotta is a swimsuit brand created by  Valeria Rodriguez del Rey in 2015. Inspired by the changing seasons, La Gotta offers a stylish, sexy, and fun design on each and everyone of its swimsuits. La Gotta came to life as a result of Maria Claudia's love for fitness and creative design, along with Valeria's love of fashion and elaborate aesthetics.

Comfort, sexiness, and style are priority for La Gotta. Our swimsuits come in a one of a kind hand painted print that gives life to each piece. While wearing La Gotta, you will look ravishing, and feel connected to nature and the sea.

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