One Small Trick To Get Your Best Summer Glow

One Small Trick To Get Your Best Summer Glow 

And as has always been the case in the past, we might as well call it summer after we get through the first hump in April! But until we get there, we can fake that summer glow – the kind that looks like we’ve spent a full day sauntering by the poolside or billowing in the sand.

I can’t pinpoint how makeup routines come about, but I’m sure most of you are accustomed to seeing cheek products applied in this order: 1. Bronzer, 2. blush, and 3. Highlighter. But surprise! I have a twist – let’s engage in my little gimmick for achieving the best ingenious, no-makeup glow.


Step 1: Apply your liquid and cream bases.

As always, get your base on and don’t forget to load up on SPF! More sun equates to a ramp up in your perspiration and that in turn results in makeup being prone to slipping and sliding. So especially in the warmer months, I stand by my cream and liquid products to lay a foundation.

Step 2: Stipple on your bronzer.

Stipple your bronzer along the perimeter of your face and then blend. Don’t be afraid of faint shimmer in when the sun is out.

Step 3: Dust on your highlighter.

Contrary to what we’re used to, move onto highlighter and NOT blush – graze it along the high points of your face and any other areas you want to jolt forward, but not too much because you’ll be gleaming from the natural moisture of your body anyway.

Step 4: Apply your blush.

Illumination isn’t paramount when the sun is out so I save blush for last as it withholds any intensity that was created from the bronzer and highlighter. A coral-based blush is perfect for Spring/Summer because it just gives you a fresh, flushed glow.





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