The Best Closet Organization Tips from Real Women

The Best Closet Organization Tips from Real Women 

by Aemilia Madden 

There's something mesmerizing about looking into the expansive closets of our favorite celebs. But while we dream of an entire wall for our shoes, it probably isn't in our immediate futures. And neither, sadly, is the budget to hire one of Hollywood's top organizers.
But showing off your clothes in a cool way is still possible, no matter how many square feet you have to spare; all it takes is a little DIY inspiration. So we looked to Instagram and found a few genius organization tricks to borrow from the closets of real women. We promise that they're easy enough to try at home.

Open Shelving Makes Things Easy to Find


Organize Outfits You Can Easily Put Together


Don't Cram Your Closet


Install Floating Shelves to Keep Your Floors Clear


Sort Your Shoes by Style and Color


Give Old Shelving New Purpose


If You Need a Clothing Rack, Use It as a Display


Make Sure Your Go-To Looks Are Easily Accessible


Organize Your Denim by Type


Keep Seasonal Pieces Together


Get Creative When You're Short on Space


Organizing by Color Makes Styling Super Easy



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