Where To Travel According To Your Personality

Where To Travel According To Your Personality 
Not everyone has the same idea of what constitutes the perfect vacation. While some of us might be content to sit on a beach with a cocktail and a book all day long, others prefer a getaway that's jam-packed with adventurous activities. Hey, to each her own.

That's why we’ve curated a list of getaway ideas inspired by different personalities and interests. There’s something here for every type of traveler, whether you want to spend your time off being pampered, indulging in some much-needed retail therapy, or exploring the great outdoors. Whatever you choose, consider your summer vacation #planned.
If You Love Secluded Beaches: Palawan Island

If you’re looking to escape from the crowds and lounge on your own private slice of heaven, check out Palawan Island in the Philippines. It's not as well-known as some of Southeast Asia (such as Phuket or other parts of Thailand), but it's every bit as beautiful. Towering waterfalls, miles and miles of lush plants, crystal-clear beaches, and virtually no one else in sight. Can’t beat that.
If You Love The Arts: Vienna

The Austrian city of Vienna is celebrated for its artistic roots, which run deep. Residents such as Mozart and Beethoven helped shape the cultural climate of the city, and to this day, music and the arts remain a huge part of its DNA. If you’re interested in experiencing historic landmarks alongside contemporary cultural attractions, all against the backdrop of a charming and cosmopolitan European city, Vienna is for you.
If You Want To Get Off The Grid: Cuba

Sure, going to Cuba may be all the rage right now, but it’s also a top pick for those looking to really get off the grid. There aren't many places left on Earth where you can say you won't have access to email, and actually mean it — but Cuba is one of them. It's often described as being frozen in time, with its vintage cars, traditional Caribbean buildings, and lack of high-tech amenities. But those qualities only add to its charm. See it now, before everyone else gets there.
If You Need Some Serious Pampering: Palm Springs

When it comes to getting some R&R, we love us some Palm Springs. Sun, pools, croquet — it has everything you need for a sublime summer getaway, no passport required. There are plenty of great hotels, but we're partial to the Parker Palm Springs. It's a design-obsessed traveler’s dream, with mid-century modern decor peppered throughout. You can't beat a day at its famed spa, followed by post-massage drinks.
If You’re A Foodie: Portland

There are plenty of reasons to visit Portland, but the best one may be the food. The jewel of the Pacific Northwest has made a name for itself as one of the best grub hubs in the U.S. Eat your way through town at iconic food spots such as Pok Pok and Voodoo Doughnuts. Bonus: The gorgeous Willamette Valley and its 250+ wineries are just a short car ride away.
If You Want An Outdoor Adventure: Lake Tahoe

What we love about Lake Tahoe is that there is no off-season, ever. The Northern California-Nevada region offers an endless number of things to do and see at any time of year. Whether you hit the slopes in winter or explore the big, blue lake by jet ski in the summer, your trip is going to be a win. There are plenty of great lodging options throughout the area, too.
If You're All About Retail Therapy: Tokyo

Tokyo is full of shopping haunts for basically any kind of consumer. If you’re looking to go big with some retail therapy, a trip to the vivid city might be just the exotic change of pace you need. Whether you’re looking for streamlined, well-designed home goods, quirky souvenirs, or some standout fashion picks that you won't find stateside, you'll find them here.
If You Love City Life: Sydney 

Looking for an urban experience that isn't New York or Paris? Sydney, Australia, is a terrific, far-flung destination for those who want to explore a bustling enclave. Plus, during the month of May, the city will hold Vivid Sydney, an epic annual event highlighting music, design, and innovation.
If You Want To Get Zen: Machu Picchu 

The 15th-century Inca ruins at Machu Picchu make up a panoramic citadel that is so hauntingly beautiful, you can’t help but find your inner peace just looking at it. Deep in the Sacred Valley, you'll marvel at the simultaneous wonders of both human innovation and Mother Earth.
If You Love Design: Oslo

If you’re a design fanatic, Oslo belongs at the top of your summer travel list. The Norwegian city is known for its architecture, museums, open spaces, and contemporary shops. Practically every room you enter will be a unique (and Instagrammable) design moment.


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