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7 Steps To A Successful 2017

7 Steps To A Successful 2017


1. Review your year in 2016

“Take a look back on the year gone by. I’m a big fan of making lists, and writing stuff down in black and white.”

2. How do you want to spend it?

“If you can find the courage to say to a group of strangers: “I will make $, or save for a deposit this year”, then you’ve already taken one crucial step towards making it happen.”

3. Set three BIG goals for 2017

“One professional (an ambitious career-related goal), one personal (something for yourself), and one habitual (something you want to incorporate into your everyday routine).”

4. Do it in quarters

“I love quarterly planning: Three months is enough time to make things happen, but not so long that you lose motivation along the way.”

5. Review your quarterly goals

“At the end of three months you can take stock of what’s working, and rethink (or entirely ditch) the stuff that isn’t.”

6. Month-by-month

“It’s important to refine your goals as you go along, and even change course entirely in some situations”

7. Week-by-week

“I actually really love Mondays – it’s a chance to start afresh and kick start a really productive and creative working week.”

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