How to: Can Can Cacti

May 03, 2016

How to: Can Can Cacti 

by Tabatha Turner 

Terrariums have been a little overdone lately, and seriously, who has time to take care of an entire environment anyway?

So we’ve got a better option for you, because nothing says low-maintenance like cacti. All you’ll need is some empty cans, soil and your next prickly friend.

Tin beer, soft-drink, or beverage cans (we chose iced-tea cans purchased from an Asian grocer)
Cacti or succulents
Stanley knife

1. Carefully (possibly using gloves) cut the top of the cans using the stanley knife. While you're at it, puncture a hole at the bottom for drainage
2. Fill the cans with soil and gently plant cacti. Once plants are sitting in a desired position, press down with soil WITHOUT pricking yourself or damaging the plants
3. Drizzle with water once a week

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